10 Ways to Safely Celebrate the 4th of July in Your Apartments in Temecula, CA

Want to spend the 4th of July safely? Here are simple but fun ways to celebrate a happy and colorful season in apartments in Temecula CA

Fireworks, family reunions, and great shopping deals–these are just some of the ways we usually celebrate Independence Day. But you can commemorate this colorful holiday by staying at home, too! Read on to know 10 ways to safely celebrate the 4th of July in your apartments in Temecula, CA.

1.  Have an Independence Day Movie Marathon

One classic way to enjoy and appreciate the 4th of July in Temecula apartments is by having an Independence Day movie marathon. Forrest Gump, The American President, and A League of Their Own are among some of the most suitable patriotic films to watch on this holiday.

2.  Snuggle Up and Read Patriotic Books

If reading is your cup of tea, no problem! There are plenty of 4th of July books you can read such as Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow, The Hemingses of Monticello by Annette Gordon-Reed, and 1776 by David McCullough. These patriotic books will definitely help you understand the American history better.

3.  Wear Your Favorite Color on the American Flag

What better way to set the mood for this holiday than by wearing something red, blue, or white? And if you want to go bold, feel free to wear a combination of all three colors!

4.  Bake Something White, Blue, and Red

Whether or not your baking skills are on point, it’s always a fun activity to do especially this Independence Day. But we suggest sticking to the American Flag colors for the perfect 4th of July vibe: white, blue, and red.

Some examples would be red velvet cake, blueberry eclairs, and white macaroons.

5.  Decorate Your Temecula Apartments

Your surroundings affect you greatly. If you want to have that 4th of July vibe in your Temecula apartments, decorate them with the same color theme as the American flag.

6.  Have an Online Hotdog-Eating Contest

Traditions are traditions! Just because you are staying at home, it doesn’t mean some 4th of July traditions have to go, such as the hotdog-eating contest. But since you and a lot of people you know are most likely staying at home, why not hove a hotdog-eating contest instead via Zoom?

7.  Let Your Little Ones Read the Declaration of Independence

If you have kids at home, here’s a fun way to commemorate the 4th of July with them: let them read the Declaration of Independence. There’s no better way to reflect on this historical moment than by reflecting on the values our home country was founded on.

And while you’re at it, how about asking other family members to ponder with you via video call?

8.  Play Patriotic Music

Nothing else moves your soul better than music! So how about playing some patriotic songs such as “Only in America” by Brooks and Dunn and “American Girl” by Tom Petty?

9.  Do an Online Museum Tour

Another great way to brush up on the United State’s history is by doing a museum tour. Thankfully, there are plenty of virtual museum tours available today that you can take while keeping safe at home.

10.  Watch Videos of Fireworks

What’s a 4th of July celebration without fireworks? You might be celebrating it at home this year, but this tradition doesn’t have to go either! So, turn on your TV or get on YouTube to watch some fireworks displays.

Celebrating the 4th of July in Your Apartments in Temecula, CA

A fun 4th of July celebration does not always need big and fancy plans. All you need is a little creativity to have fun. So, pick your activity and make this day worth remembering!


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