4 Great Ways to Increase Natural Light in Apartments in Temecula, CA

Natural lighting is a must-have in any home. Besides the obvious benefits of saving on energy consumption and costs, natural lighting can also improve your overall well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. For these reasons and more, finding well-lit apartments in Temecula, CA, may be tricky but worth the effort.

Here are some great and easy ways to increase natural light in your Temecula apartments.

Free Up Your Windows

Make sure to clear the space around your window both inside the apartment and outside. If there’s only one window in the room, make sure it’s visible from any sitting or standing point. Natural light coming in should ideally reach most areas in the room, so remove bulky desks, tall shelves, or even tall indoor plants that might block light. You can place thin furniture or low plants near the window–make sure these don’t cast shadows.

Trees, shrubs, and even vines outside your window can block light. The greenery outside the room can affect the amount of natural light entering, so pay attention to it as well.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Sometimes, the best solution is the easiest one. Keeping your windows clean ensures that nothing prevents light from coming into the room. It’s ideal to clean the windows regularly from the inside and ask your apartment’s supervisor to have them cleaned professionally outside once a month. Dust, dirt, and grime can cause buildup on the glass’ surface, preventing natural light from coming through.

Use Light Colors

To maximize the natural light coming in, you should consider using window treatments that will not obstruct light. You can use white, off-white, or even cream-colored curtains or blinds in your apartment. These don’t block light from coming in and give you privacy when you close the blinds or draw the curtains.

The same principle applies to your furniture. Light-colored furniture will help make your apartment feel less cramped. The white and lighter shades on your furniture will reflect light, in contrast to the black and darker colors absorbing it.

A soft shade of white paint on walls can also reflect the natural light entering the room. This way, you’re enhancing the brightness in the space without having to use artificial lighting. You can also use white on the floors, but this aesthetic might not be for everyone, so placing a white or off-white area rug will suffice.

Use Artificial Lighting

You can also use lamps, candles, and ceiling fixtures as other light sources. To complement the natural light entering during the day, properly stage ceiling fixtures, table lamps, or desk lamps and consider using natural light bulbs. Doing so helps eliminate shadows and help spread the brightness in all areas.

Make Use of Mirrors and Shiny Surfaces

Mirrors and glossy surfaces will reflect light and double the reach of natural light. When placed strategically, mirrors and reflective surfaces like glossy tiles and countertops will help illuminate areas by catching and dispersing light into places natural light doesn’t reach.

Enjoy Living in Apartments in Temecula, CA

These are the easiest ways to fill Temecula apartments with natural light, and almost anyone can do these. But, what’s most important is that the additions you decide for your apartment–from the window treatments and light fixtures to light-colored furniture and mirrors–are those that you will find functional, convenient, and comfortable.


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