Apartments and Personalities: How to Choose the Perfect Floor Plan

For most people searching for the perfect apartment, one of the first things they will look for is the list of neat amenities a living space offers. While looking at amenities is undoubtedly important, another factor you should also consider is the apartment’s floor plan, something that most people overlook.

Apartments and Personalities

Every person has different needs, hence your apartment’s layout should be able to accommodate your personal hobbies and personality. Here are simple floor plan suggestions for people looking for apartments that can perfectly fit their lifestyle.

For the Budding Chef

If you’re looking for a living space where you can showcase your culinary expertise, go for one with a spacious kitchen and dining room area. Aside from these, make sure that the apartment has plenty of space for storing all your cookware and ingredients, along with sufficient counter space where you can prep and cook.

For the Friendly Person

Individuals who enjoy entertaining guests in their living spaces can go for an open floor plan that is unrestrictive to conversations to different rooms. You can also go for a loft-style space, since it allows you to interact with your guests in the living room as you finish your meals in the kitchen.

For the Bookworm

Bookworms will want a space where they can bring all their favorite books and magazines. They can go for spaces with large windows in the living room, where they can read under natural light. Any floor plan can suit their hobby, as long as there’s enough space for a loveseat or an armchair and a bookshelf.

For the Work-at-Home Person

Those planning to bring their work at their apartment should go for a space with a nook or bay in the living room, which makes for a perfect workspace. If you plan on sharing the space with roommates, consider getting an apartment with an extra bedroom, which you can then convert into an office, to avoid interruptions.

General Considerations

Whatever lifestyle you have, there are general rules on choosing the perfect floor plan for you. Aside from adequate space, make sure that your apartment has enough storage space for your food, clothing, and all your important valuables. The apartment should also be conducive to foot traffic, enabling you to enter, exit, and move smoothly and easily from one room to another.

Now that you’ve determined the perfect floor plan for your lifestyle, it’s time to search among beautiful apartments in Temecula. Complexes like Sycamore Terrace Apartments, for instance, offer the largest floor plans anywhere, providing you with comfort and spaces you can’t find anywhere else.


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