Brilliant Ideas for a Fun Easter Egg Hunt Inside Apartments in Temecula, CA

girl with bunny headband

Happy Easter, everyone! All of us here at Sycamore Terrace Temecula, home of premium apartments in Temecula, CA, have been looking forward to our Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Party. It’s one of our favorite events! However, your health and safety will always be our number one priority.

In light of the Covid-19 situation, the Center for Disease Control  (CDC) has recommended we cancel group gatherings, and that includes our Easter Egg Hunt. We’ll let you know if that changes.

Now, we may have canceled our Easter event, but that doesn’t mean you need to pass on Easter celebrations this year. You can enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt and other games at your apartment home, and we’re sharing some fantastic ideas on how to pull it off!

How to Set-Up an Easter Egg Hunt at Home

It’s super easy, and you can make it a team effort to get everyone involved and excited about your indoor Easter party. Hop-up your excitement with these ideas:

Hang up Easter decorations.

First things first: set the mood for a party! Get some colored paper and scissors, and cut up some bunny shapes. Create some chick and egg shapes as well, and go crazy with the designs. If you have some glitter, stickers, and other art materials, even better! Make it a project for everyone in the apartment, and turn your home into a cheery, colorful venue for an indoor party. 

Set up the egg hunt.

If you already have some plastic eggs and candy on hand, great! Fill them up with treats and hide them around the house. Don’t have plastic eggs? You can boil some real eggs and decorate them with food-safe dye. Apartments for rent in Temecula have some pretty nifty hiding spots, such as:

• Under the bed

• Inside the fridge

• Coat pockets

• Behind books on a shelf

• Inside shoes by the door

• Inside the food cupboard

• Between folded clothes

Don’t forget to keep track of how many eggs you hid because the hunt only ends when the last one has been found!

Egg Hunt Tip:

• Adjust the difficulty level for the ages of your players. If you have little children at home, you may want to confine the hunt in one room, and in easy-to-find places.

• For older kids, you may make it more challenging.

• Hide eggs in more difficult locations.

• Put clues inside some of the plastic eggs where to find other eggs. You can use rhimes, riddles or even treasure maps that the kds will have to follow to find the next egg.

Play Easter games.

Of course, what’s an Easter celebration without games? Our apartments for rent in Temecula, CA are spacious enough to host a variety of Easter games. Below are some excellent ideas:

Bunny hop, skip, and jump – Players have to do a specific action, such as “hop like a bunny” as they search for the eggs. This is a great way to add a twist to the classic hunt that burns off excess energy!

Egg bowling – Set up some makeshift pins and roll eggs to hit the pins. Wooden clothespins might work well for this. The player who topples the most pins wins!

Pin the tail on the Easter bunny – The Easter Bunny makes an appearance! Get everyone to draw and color a massive Easter Bunny together. Cut out some tails, or use cotton balls, blindfold the players, and then try to pin the tail as accurately as you can!

Celebrate Easter in the Comfort of Your Apartment Home

Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula, CA is dedicated to supporting the health of our residents. We can’t wait to hold our next event for our community again, but for now, let’s all stay safe at home. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop. All it takes is some creativity, and you can have an excellent time bonding with your loved ones indoors!