Easily Decorate Apartments in Temecula, CA for the Summer

Summer is in full swing this year, and what better way to celebrate the warmth of the season than by bringing sunshine into your own living spaces? You don’t even need to do a lot of heavy lifting or plan a major renovation project–even the slightest changes to the décor can turn apartments in Temecula, CA, into delightful summer havens.

Temecula apartments can look their absolute best with a bit of change in decorations. Check out these ten decorating ideas that you can try for your apartment.

Bring the light in using mirrors

Even the smallest apartments can look more prominent with a couple of strategically placed mirrors. Plus, it’s the simplest yet the most effective way to bring sunlight into any living space.

Change into summer sheets

Bring summer vibes into your bedroom by opting for duvets with beach-inspired patterns and colors. When the summer heat kicks in, you’ll want covers made of linen or cotton to stay cool when you’re in bed.

Choose a sunnier shower curtain

Perhaps one of the most straightforward changes you can make is to change your shower curtains in time for the season. Any design inspired by summer works wonders, especially if you also match it with seasonal towels.

Add summer scents

Set the mood indoors by lighting up the perfect scented candle for the season. Bring out those tropical or citrusy scents to create a little tropical paradise in the middle of the urban jungle.

Swag lights to lighten up the room

Swag lights can bring light to any dark corner or area in your apartment. The best part is that these come in different styles and designs, so pick an airy design that can lighten any space.

Set up a casual seating area

Nothing captures the essence of summer than a cozy and casual seating area inside your home. Low-profile tables can be paired with a couple of colorful floor pillows where everyone can relax and enjoy the summer heat.

Turn to coastal-inspired slipcovers

Bring the beach vibe to your living room by adding coastal-inspired slipcovers to your couch or chair. Choose white or khaki linen, then pair them with a couple of beach-themed pillows to complete the look.

Beach-inspired dining room decors

Why not bring the beach to the dining room as well? Napkins with nautical designs, seaglass-inspired glasses, a coastal-colored tablecloth, and a couple of sea-inspired decors can make your dining rooms summer-ready.

Bamboo, rattan, and wicker

These rope-like materials can instantly create a beach-inspired look in any living space. Not to mention, these lightweight and inexpensive materials often make for durable furniture pieces that can last a very long time.

You can never go overboard with decor

Create a beach-inspired look that can go beyond the summer season. From items like coral replicas and throw pillows to wall collages made of shells, these simple yet eye-catching decorations can create a summer look long after summer is over.

Summer is fun in apartments in Temecula, CA

With these ideas, you don’t need to spend thousands on a trip to the beach when you can have a tropical paradise in your own home. You might love these ideas so much that you’ll want to have them year-round!


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