How to Decorate your Dream Apartment

Have you just moved into an apartment or are you thinking of renting? Do you want something home-y or with enough potential to feel like a home? If so, look no further, Sycamore Terrace offers beautifully remodeled apartment homes that need very little decorating to look inviting. Just in case you are thinking about putting photos up and mounting that flat screen TV there are a few things you should keep in mind to help you get the most of your deposit returned to you at move out …

For starters, double sided tape is your new best friend if you’re renting an apartment. Not only does it offer strong hold but it eliminates the need for a nail hole if you’re putting up a photo collage wall like the one pictured below. No need to poke holes in your drywall that you’ll stress over spackling later or risk seeing if you remove the photos, some double sided tape will do you well. Even if it ends up pulling a little bit of paint off when you remove the tape you will have fewer repairs to make than you would with a nail. You can also effortlessly rearrange that collage wall without having to bother yourself or your neighbors with a hammer! So add double-sided tape to your list of items needed to decorate your home.

Collage Wall

Collage Wall

Do you have a wall in your apartment that you want to POP? Try fabric! You could easily adhere fabric to your walls using nails, staples, starch, or even that double sided tape. If you’re going to go the nails, tape, or staples route then you would need to stretch the fabric tight over your wall to avoid any rippling. But if you want something that your kids, cats, or guests can’t pull down, starch may be the way to go. When doing a starch project we suggest laying drop cloths so your carpets don’t take any damage. Starch is a simple, easy way to add a pop of color to your entry, hallway, bedrooms, or bathrooms. Simply tack up the fabric you want to use in the spot you want to use it and leave a little extra fabric as it will shrink once dried. Starch is easy to make and the fabric will peel off the walls once you move out, just simply sponge clean before you leave! Here is the starch recipe and the steps to take to install your very own fabric wall. 

-Stir 1/4 cup corn starch into 1/2 cup cold water. Then pour in 4 cups of boiling water and mix it up.

1. Wash your wall! Make sure there is no dirt, nails, or holes in the wall. The surface should be as smooth as possible.
2. Measure your wall and cut the fabric to have at least 3 inches of excess on each side to account for shrinkage.
3. Paint your wall with the starch using a roller or a paint brush. (Again, use a drop cloth, try to minimize the damage done to your carpets!)
4. Smooth on your fabric! Any bubbles can be smoothed out with your hand. If it’s a patterned cloth you may want to start from the middle and work your way out.
5. Let the starch dry before trying to trim off excess fabric. Try using an “x-acto” knife to trim off string or extra fabric.
6. Take a picture and admire your work!

Before committing to that red fabric, though, we suggest doing a test section AFTER washing the fabric once or twice to prevent the dye from bleeding onto the walls.

If you still want to mount your TV or put up shelves here are some helpful tips to ensure the installation is being done correctly:

Use a stud finder to find the wood studs in the wall that way the item that you are putting up will not rip out of the drywall,
-If your shelves are going to be load bearing and you cannot find a stud then use a drywall anchor, this strengthens the hold of the shelf to the wall.
Ask before installing if you have never mounted a TV or put up heavy items, better be safe than sorry!
If you do damage the wall, let the maintenance staff know! They may be happy to help you repair any wall damage—depending on the damage repairs could be done with little or no cost to you.


There are many ways to temporarily decorate your rental and turn it into the apartment home of your dreams. Here at Sycamore you can enjoy a beautiful remodel that barely needs decorating (or hiding)! Call us today to see how you can “live the difference” at Sycamore Terrace in the heart of Temecula and happy decorating!