How to Maximize Natural Light to Brighten Up Apartments in Temecula CA

Here are ideas on how to make the most of natural light to brighten up apartments in Temecula, CA. Find the right apartment and follow these tips.

Do you keep your lights on even when the sun is already up? Do you find it hard to tell whether it’s daytime or nighttime from inside your apartment? Those are telltale signs that your apartment isn’t getting enough natural light. Or, maybe it does, but you’re just not making the most of it. Apartments in Temecula, CA typically have large exterior windows to let in as much sunlight as possible, but some have a quite dimmer indoor appeal. Various factors like wall paint, furniture, and shelving may be at play. Here’s what you can do to further brighten up your apartment with the natural light that comes in through your windows and skylights.

Take Advantage of Lighter Matte Wall Paint Colors

Ever wondered why some small homes feel more open than bigger homes? One of the reasons is the paint color used on their interior walls. Dark paint colors tend to make any room feel cramp and inhibiting, while bright colors offer an illusion of extra space.

When it comes to wall paint finish, matte works better than semi-gloss. While it seems more sensible to have a slightly glossy surface finish since it can reflect light, it actually absorbs more light than it reflects. In contrast, a matte finish disperses light more evenly, making it lighter to the eyes. It’s ideal for Temecula apartments that don’t have windows on some of their sides.

These are the reasons why Sycamore Terrace Apartments always paints the apartment walls with a neutral, light egg-shell paint.

Use Small and Bright-Colored Furniture and Angle Them towards Natural Light Sources

Large and bulky furniture pieces not only occupy more space, but they also make your home look gloomy and restricted. They cast large shadows, making corners appear darker, especially if they have an opaque coating. They block light-colored surfaces, too, which can otherwise reflect natural light and add brightness to your home.

Hang Light Fixtures That Match Apartments in Temecula, CA

Chandeliers usually come with dazzling ornaments. Even hanging lamps have a bright-colored shade as part of their efficient design. During the day, when these lighting fixtures are off, they still help reflect some of the natural light into your apartment with their bright, shiny surfaces. 

Use Shiny Glass or Metal Surfaces

Talking of bright and shiny, using furniture and fixtures with shiny glass or metal surfaces also helps maximize the natural light that enters your home. Compared to a semi-gloss painted wall, glass and metal do not absorb light thanks to their neutral base color. Place these items in areas hardly reached by sunlight. 

Ditch the Dark Rugs and Curtains

To get maximum sunlight, remove all of your curtains altogether. Just put them back in summer when sunlight is too harsh. After all, too much sunlight exposure is also harmful to your furniture because UV radiation can cause its color to fade. Can’t let go of your drapes just yet? Then, try using a less opaque one instead. Replace those dark-colored rugs, too. Even items on the floor feet can make your indoor space look smaller.

Don’t Let Dust Take Over Temecula Apartments

All the previous tips can surely help make your home look brighter, but they can only do so much. You have to keep your interior surfaces clean to preserve their vividness. Dust is quite effective at cloaking the original color of surfaces. Try to wipe it off, and you’ll be surprised to see a sparkling surface hiding underneath.

Your apartment may feel unnecessarily dark or cramped, but with little improvement, it can quickly turn into a more comfortable living space. Find the right apartment in Temecula with the help of experts like Sycamore Terrace Apartments, then change things up a bit to lighten every room.


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