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Pick the “Perfect Tree”

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There are a few steps in order to “pick the perfect tree” for the holidays. Every family wants a tree they can be proud of, something large, full, green, and downright beautiful. Although it may not really matter what the treee looks like (After all, didn’t Charlie Brown teach us that), that perfect Christmas tree awaits … Somewhere in the back of a Christmas tree lot sits that tree, perfectly round, full, bristling with green, fresh needles. But, you wonder, “Will it fit in my living room?”

Avoid the questions of uncertainty, begin a new family tradition, and follow a few of these steps to find the perfect tree.

Before You Go Shopping:


Before you go tree shopping, measure the height of the ceiling in the room where  you will display your tree. You’ll want to choose a tree that is at least one  foot shorter than the ceiling height (take a tape measure with you). Also, it’s  best to measure the opening of your tree stand and make sure the base of your  chosen tree will fit.


When selecting a tree, run your fingers along the needles and give the tree a  shake. If the tree is fresh, the needles should be pliable and very few should  fall off.


Make sure the base of the tree is straight and at least six inches long, so it  will fit easily into the tree stand.

How to Keep the Tree Fresh:


When you buy your tree, have an inch cut off the base to make it easier for the  tree to take in water. (Be sure the cut is straight so the tree will stand up  properly.)


If you don’t plan to put the tree up right away, place it in a bucket of warm  water and stand it in an unheated garage or porch away from the wind and cold.


When you bring your tree inside, use a stand that holds at least one gallon of  water.


Keep your tree well watered. Water prevents the needles from drying and dropping  off and maintains the fragrance. Trees may use several quarts a day, so check  the water level in the stand every few hours.


Never let the water level fall below the base of the tree or the cut end may  seal over, preventing further water intake.


Don’t add anything to the water. Though some people swear that throwing in such  extras as aspirin, soda water, bleach, salt, sugar, or Karo syrup keeps trees  fresher longer, the experts say plain water, and plenty of it, is best.

Any other information for tree picking, care, and safety can be found HERE

Need to find the perfect Christmas Tree lot to fit your needs? Try out these places in Temecula and the surrounding areas:

Wickerd Farm in Menifee

Moon Valley Nursery in Murrieta

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