Rent Temecula Apartments Now! Riverside County is Making a Comeback!

While the rest of California is doing a good job recovering from the recent economic downturn, Riverside County in particular is showing remarkable progress. According to David Olson, staff writer at The Press Enterprise, the population of Riverside grew by about 1.2 percent from 2012 to 2013; exceeding the state’s average population growth of 0.9 percent. Lake Elsinore, in particular, saw a 3.3 percent population increase, improving its economic outlook for this year:

“The higher-than-average growth from Perris to Temecula reflects the Inland area’s slow climb out of the economic downturn and the strength of the economies in Orange and San Diego counties, where many Southwest Riverside County residents work, said Esmael Adibi, an economist at Chapman University in Orange.

Adibi said the population increases foretell what is likely to happen throughout the Inland area as the economy continues to recover.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Inland Empire to again be one of the fastest growing regions in the state as job creation kicks in,” he said.”

As the local population continues to increase and the promise of job creation attracts more people from other counties, Riverside can expect its housing needs to go up. Rather than wait for new houses to be built, though, it is a good idea for Riverside’s new residents to find spacious Temecula apartments for rent instead. Sycamore Terrace Apartments, in particular, boasts some of the largest square footages in Temecula, complemented by beautiful landscapes, high-quality amenities, and close proximity to shopping malls and other places of interest. Temecula itself is the tenth fastest-growing city in California, with a population increase of 2.1 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

turn to southewest riverside county

Of course, the prospect of living a good life shouldn’t cloud one’s judgment when renting an apartment. Aside from the obvious considerations like amenities, location, and price, would-be renters may also want to consider the apartment’s rules on pets, maintenance, and decorations. For example, Sycamore Terrace provides 24-hour onsite maintenance services to its tenants, which makes them one of the best apartments in Temecula. Some apartments, unfortunately, outsource their maintenance functions to other contractors, resulting in long waiting times. An apartment’s parking and visitor rules can also be a matter of concern if a tenant expects to receive guests regularly. So long as they can agree to these things, tenants can enjoy hassle-free living for as long as they like.

Hassle-free living is definitely something that can be associated with Temecula, with its famous wines and seasonal festivals. Coupled with the prospects of a good economy in this year and the next, Temecula and the rest of Riverside County might well be the next drivers of growth in California.

(Source: CENSUS: Looking for growth? Turn to southwest Riverside County, The Press Enterprise, May 22, 2014)