Santa is Coming to Sycamore!

December 23rd 11am to 12pm

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Santa is coming to Sycamore!

Come tell Santa what presents you want and take FREE pictures with him on Sunday, December 23rd. He will be here from 11:00am to 12:00pm to take pictures, tell stories, hand out goodies, and spread holiday cheer! There is a coloring page in your December newsletter with all the details and a spot to write your list to bring to Santa.

Santa comes every year to Sycamore Terrace to visit the good little ones that call this community home. He enjoys his visit each season and he always brings goodies and treats to share with those that make Sycamore their home. If you want to come say hello, give him your wish-list, and have a jolly good time, then December 23rd is your chance!

Our Christmas Tree is photo ready just in time for Santa!
Our Christmas Tree is photo ready just in time for Santa!

Last year, Santa stayed to read a story and spend time spreading holiday cheer through the Sycamore office. Be sure to visit him early to make sure you have time to take photos and tell him what you want under your tree!

We hope to see you there!

santa is coming to sycamore