Temecula Apartments: Common Things to Consider

Finding the perfect apartment is like trying to prove unicorns exists. News flash: they don’t. On the brighter side though, beautiful horses do exist, they may not be as magical as unicorns, but they are the reality. The same thing can be said in finding the perfect apartment. Of course there are a lot of obstacles that you need to jump over, but if you arm yourself with the right knowledge, you will find that “horse” soon.

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Let’s say you’ve already seen several apartments in Temecula that piqued your interest and are well within your budget. How do you choose the best one? Here’s an idea: get a checklist. Having a checklist of your priorities in choosing apartments is like having a roadmap to your destination. It provides a logical and easy way to pick the right one.

What are the things that should be included in your checklist? Some of the most common things you need to consider are utilities cost, amenities, internet connectivity, cable TV, and appliances included. Outlets, signs of pest infestation, security and water pressure should also be checked. Make sure everything works to your satisfaction.

You also need to be wary of your neighbors and their kids if noise is a deal breaker for you. This is especially true if there are little kids who are living right above your apartment. Aside from the noise inside the potential Temecula apartments, you also need to know about the noise coming from the outside. Is the neighborhood a quiet one? What are the instances of violent or petty crimes? You can also ask your potential neighbor about this. Similarly, ask him or her about what the landlord is like. This will help you get to know the landlord a little better but always take reports of trouble with a “grain of salt” and ask for more than one opinion. It may be that the resident you ask is having a bad day or is just upset about something unrelated.

If you have a pet and are keen to bringing it with you, you also need to confirm with the landlord if pets are allowed. If so, are there additional fees you need to pay for or are they included in the rent? If you are big on decorating the apartment and giving it your personal touch, you need to discuss this with the landlord as well. Make sure to ask what the boundaries are in decorating so you won’t go overboard.

Lastly, when you’re done ticking off your checklist and have finally made a decision, make sure to take a picture of all the defects in the apartment and show it to the landlord. This is commonly overlooked by most apartment hunters, but it can be important. When you need to leave the apartment and you ask for your security deposit, you will have proof to show the landlord that you are leaving the unit in the same condition you found it.


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