Temecula: “SoCal’s Napa Valley”

Have you had the opportunity to explore Temecula and all it has to offer? One thing’s for sure, Temecula has wineries. With its optimal location and climate Temecula has many varieties of wine to offer not only its residents but local (and distant) tourists. There are almost 40 wineries in the Temecula area alone; sometimes Temecula is referred to as “Southern California’s Napa Valley.” This holiday season instead of trekking up north, stay right at home and explore your Temecula wineries.

Sycamore Terrace Apartments are located just 5 miles away from the wineries in Temecula. Every weekend hundreds, if not thousands, of people head to the wineries to enjoy what the vines have to offer. Many wineries in the area have won multiple gold tasting medals in recent years. One such winery, South Coast Winery, has won more than one “California Winery of the Year” awards, most recently in 2014. That particular winery is just 6 miles from Sycamore and boasts some of the best reds and whites around. You could easily hop in the car or take a cheap taxi ride and make the short drive to enjoy some award winning wines.

If you’re looking for more than just wine-tasting then you’re in for a treat. Many wineries offer dinner and free live music throughout the year. Lorimar Winery chooses to fuse wine, food, and music in a wonderful way. Most weekends you can find more than one event happening at Lorimar which is right around the corner from South Coast and just about 6.5 miles from Sycamore. Maybe enjoy wine at South Coast and then head over to Lorimar for live music in the vines.

Do you have little ones in tow? Try out Longshadow Ranch Vineyard and Winery, not only is it renowned for its wine, but many families enjoy heading there in the evenings and on weekends. It’s a good hangout for kids and parents alike, for one there is a playground for the little kids to play on and animals to entertain them! You can enjoy wine while the kids enjoy their fun, thus making everyone happy.

In Temecula, CA there are so many things to do it almost doesn’t make sense to leave! Sycamore Terrace Apartments can be your home and your haven if you moved into these remodeled apartments in California.  Located centrally just miles away from the best things to do in Temeculca, you’ll always be in the middle of the fun and maybe you’ll save money when you decide to “stay-cation” instead of jetting off for a vacation. One of the perks being the wine is merely miles away.