The Best Ways to Brighten Up Temecula Apartments for Spring Season

Spring is the time of year when people shake off the cobwebs to give their apartments a fresh new look by revitalizing stale furnishings and adding some vibrant colors. Rather than leaving your apartment looking dark and dreary, brighten up your living space to match the wildflowers blooming all over Temecula.

If you choose to spend a few hours following these simple tips, you can give your apartment a sparkle to ring in the spring season and embrace it in all its glory.

Brighten up Temecula Apartments

Local Yard Sales 

You probably know that yard sales and garage sales are a great resource for low cost items folks use to spruce up their apartments in Temecula. But, did you know that one of the most loved apartment communities, Sycamore Terrace Apartments, hosts a Spring Yard Sale every year? This helps their resident families find great new décor items for their home while bringing in some cash by selling what they no longer need. This year the Sycamore Terrace Yard Sale is scheduled for May 28th, from 8am till Noon. Be sure to add it to your calendar!

Your Pillows Matter 

You might not believe it, but your pillow fabric matters. While fabrics like velvet, silk and tweed are undeniably beautiful fabrics, they can exude a heavy feel when you use them in the spring and summer.

In reality, you should have a pillow wardrobe, just like you do for your clothes wardrobe. This way, you can refresh your living space with light and breezy fabrics like linen and cotton.

Bring the Garden Inside 

Flowers and foliage are a great way to brighten up the inside of your home. With spring comes an abundance of light and fresh flora. There’s a variety of foliage you can choose from which will add bright colors to your apartment, such as banana leaves, philodendron leaves, palms and papyrus. These require the minimum of fuss to bring inside and are very low maintenance once inside. By regularly refreshing the water and trimming the bottom of the stem, they can live for months.

If still uncertain about which flowers to choose, take a walk around your neighborhood to view others’ flowers and to find your favorite floral aromas of spring. List them and then visit your local nursery.

As for your pots, let your creativity flow. Instead of getting something generic from a plant shop, look for vintage teacups and other chipped crockery. As well as creating some unique looks, you also get the satisfaction of upcycling, rather than buying new.

Try New Scents 

Scents can make any living space feel like the surrounding season. In winter, scents like mulled wine and spiced apples bring some holiday cheer into your apartment, but in the spring you should be adding light scents—such as fresh, breezy laundry or anything citrusy.

If you follow these simple tips, you can turn your dark and cozy apartment into an open, bright and fresh space where you can enjoy the Temecula sun and welcome spring from inside out.

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